Miami's Best Outdoor Dining

Some of Miami's best spots to dine outside

It's all about the cool factor during the hot summer months in Miami. We're sending you to the need-to-know spots where you can grab a bite and beat the heat in style. Unfortunately, you'll have to leave what to wear to the fashion experts.

Here are some of the best spots to take advantage of all the great outdoor dining Miami has to offer.

① Cecconi's: The weekend "feast" at this South Beach spot will redefine your concept of a breakfast buffet. Instead of cold scrambled eggs, dishes like meatballs and mac and cheese await. Grab your plate(s) and head for a table on the airy patio. We'll meet you there.

② Wynwood Kitchen and Bar: The outdoor dining experience here is as much about the visual as it is about the edible. Brilliant murals adorn the walls of this grassy patio, but don't get too distracted: The beautiful food, like a colorful succotash of edamame, red peppers, cotija and corn nuts, is not to be missed.

③ Rusty Pelican: The view alone of downtown Miami across the water can't be beat, but the food here is equally attractive at this outdoor dining standby. Come for a sunset cocktail and stay for the lobster risotto.


④ Juvia: Look up—way up—to find this urban oasis. This rooftop restaurant in South Beach is the perfect getaway without having to leave the city limits. With Japanese, Peruvian and French dishes all on one menu, you'll think you're on the other side of the world.

⑤ Seaspice: When dining at a seafood spot with a gorgeous waterfront, there's really only one thing to do: Order crudo. Here, that means coconut salmon ceviche and hamachi speckled with habanero, fried garlic and shiso.

⑥ Lido Restaurant & Bayside Grill: We get it: Looking good is part of the deal when it comes to dining out in Miami. The vibrant scene on the sunny pool deck—plus the healthy dishes on the menu of this Miami Beach restaurant—always leave us feeling our best. That is, if we don't drink too much of their fantastic biodynamic wines.

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