IKEA Will Open A Pop-Up Restaurant In Paris This Summer

IKEA is opening a pop-up restaurant in Paris this summer

Café culture in Paris may be sacred, but so are IKEA's Swedish meatballs apparently. The furniture behemoth is opening a pop-up restaurant called Krogan in Paris this summer, from June 7 to 25. And that's not all.

The chefs won't be Swedish, but rather a collection of amateur cooks, who can apply for a place in the kitchen starting today through May 25. The challenge: Cooks must use at least one IKEA appliance while preparing a three-course meal for 30 guests, for less than $11.40 per customer. Fifteen chefs from the experiment will eventually be hired.

Krogan will pop up in the Marais, on Rue de Turbigo, and proceeds will go to poverty-fighting nonprofit Secours Populaire.

Between the Swedish store invading Parisian streets and the American TV-style cooking competition, it sounds like a truly . . . international experience. How Parisians will react to this is still up for debate. They may walk out of the meal feeling inspired to take home some kitchen appliances, but don't expect them to put leftovers in a doggie bag.