These Marble Cakes Are Almost Too Pretty To Eat

We're losing our marbles over these amazing cakes

Every once in a while, the pastry world captures our attention with something almost too pretty to eat. (Almost.) French pastry chef Garry Larduinat had us glued to Instagram with his mesmerizing dessert videos. Restaurants like Lafayette and Le Coq Rico have been churning out visually stunning creations. And then there were the salad cakes, which deserve a category all their own . . .

Today, the objects of our affection are the gloriously glossy marble cakes from Russian baker Olga Noskova. With a perfect sheen and swirls of color, Noskova's cakes look almost like glass watercolors. They're so seductive that some are calling them "borderline pornographic," but we like to look at them as works of art. Noskova's 50,000-plus Instagram followers might agree.

Noskova's cakes aren't the only ones to catch our attention from across the globe. We've also been fawning over the over-the-top cakes from Australian baker Shelley Wong of Lottie and Belle. Can traveling the globe sampling the world's most beautiful cakes be a job? If so, count us in for a round-the-world ticket.

Noskova's glossy cakes are like mirrors into our soul—and our stomachs. Take a look for yourself:









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