9 April Fools' Day Pranks We Hope You Didn't Fall For

Food sites are playing all kinds of pranks for April Fools' Day

If you've spent any time on the internet today, you've likely seen the barrage of April Fools' Day pranks out there. The food world, for one, has been having quite the field day, playing all kinds of impractical jokes.

Even though we know the day rolls around every year, we're still not immune to pranks and have definitely fallen for one or two today. The gullible among us may have fallen for even more.

Here are nine of the best April Fools' Day pranks from various corners of the food industry. Admit it: You fell for at least one of them.

Food52 poked fun at a number of food publications, including us, with this video for Bacon Chicken Guacamole Bombs, based on the original from Tasty.

Photo: Courtesy of Food52

Well & Good wrote up the invention of the Foodjya kale massager, which not only softens kale but adds to its nutritional value, too. Right . . .

Photo: Tasting Table

Bon App├ętit announced that Bobby Flay would be taking over the magazine as the new editor in chief. The publication even produced a video to go along with the announcement, which concludes with Flay drinking out of a quart container, feet up on his new desk.

Photo: Michael Crook

Yahoo News had us and just about everyone else fooled with its false alarm that Trader Joe's was closing all of its 457 locations. Throwing everyone for a loop, the webiste dropped the bomb on March 31. Unfair!

Photo: Phillip Pessar via Flickr

Pornhub turned into Cornhub today, featuring videos of corn and transforming the website from something totally NSFW into something just straight-up creepy. It's a pretty corny joke, if you ask us. (SORRY!)

Photo: Tasting Table

OpenTable revealed a new technology that allows people to taste food by licking photos on their phones. #LickablePhotos are going to make for some sticky iPhones.

Photo: Courtesy of OpenTable via Facebook

Grubhub announced Gruber, a food-delivery/ride-share program that lets customers hitch rides with Grubhub's delivery drivers. It's "the perfect solution for anyone who loves the smell of food AND getting places quickly," the website says.

Photo: Courtesy of GrubHub via Twitter

Vegan meal delivery service Purple Carrot sent out an email revealing the Purple Burger for "100 percent meat-based ingredients. No vegetables. No grains. No greens. Ever. Just burgers." We don't hate the idea.

Photo: Courtesy of Purple Carrot via Facebook

Finally, FreshDirect is advertising Space Salt, a seasoning from "a galaxy far, far away" that, you guessed it, "goes where no seasoning has gone before."

Photo: Courtesy of Fresh Direct via Twitter