Nibble + Squeak Dining Club Invites Toddlers To The Table

A new dining club brings toddlers to high-end restaurants

Make way for the strollers. Thanks to a dining club called Nibble + Squeak, you're going to see a lot more children streaming in and out of New York's and London's hottest restaurants. The club, which hosted its first event at the end of January, gives parents and caregivers the opportunity to bring kids to fancy restaurants without worrying about disturbing fellow diners.

The Brooklyn-based company (cue the eye rolls) rents out space in a restaurant and sells tickets to kid-friendly tasting menus at restaurants that adults will enjoy, too, like Luksus or Landmarc. The club currently has a handful of upcoming events scheduled in New York and one in London.

Nibble + Squeak is devoted just as much to broadening kids' horizons as it is to giving parents a chance to enjoy a night out.

"I hadn't been to a restaurant with cloth napkins since my younger daughter was born in July 2014," writes Margaux Laskey, who tried a Nibble + Squeak event at Upland last week and wrote about her experience in the New York Times.

It's also not a bad idea for restaurants, because it opens the restaurant up to an untapped group of customers: kids and their hungry parents who miss eating out. While it's "not fine dining as I once knew it," Laskey writes, "my daughter got her first lesson in how to behave at a fancy restaurant. And I got to finish a delicious meal while it was still warm, toddler in tow."

Don't expect all restaurants to partake in the club though. After the crying baby debacle of 2014, which prompted Grant Achatz to Tweet about the place of children at fancy restaurants and unleashed a flurry of commentary, we're not holding our breath for the club to pop up at Alinea 2.0 anytime soon.

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