Celebrity Chefs Are Getting On Facebook Live

Celebrity chefs are getting real on Facebook Live

Ever wish you could put Mario Batali on the spot and ask him what you should make for dinner? Thanks to Facebook Live, now you can. Since the streaming video service launched nationwide, Facebook users across the board have been experimenting with the live feeds, and some of the country's biggest chefs are stepping in front of the camera.

Batali started using Facebook Live for his "Taking Requests" videos series in which he asks viewers to give him four ingredients, and then he comes up with a recipe right then and there. The one and only Thomas Keller has given a tour of the temporary kitchen at The French Laundry—which is up for sale, if anyone's interested in cooking in a three-Michelin-star restaurant.

Jamie Oliver has spoken about UK's sugary drink tax on Facebook Live, an issue he's been campaigning over for months. Watch him nonchalantly pull up to Big Ben and speak about the tax.

Even Martha Stewart is on board (no, not her Hoverboard, but on FB Live). Watch her demonstrate how to decorate Easter eggs, which, naturally, come right from her farm.

Here at Tasting Table, we're big fans of the platform, too: We've gotten an inside scoop from pastry chef Eric Kayser on his new spring menu, brought you essential tips for making the perfect biscuits and shown you how to make the perfect fried egg with chef Matt McClure.

Facebook Live is just one more way to get instant access to chefs and what they're up to—and we're just waiting to see where they take us next.