Austin's Hottest Spring Openings

The 4 new restaurants to try this season

It's going to be a delicious season. Check out the rest of our Spring Preview here.

Neapolitan and Roman pies are about to take Austin by storm, as L'Oca D'Oro prepares to go brick-and-mortar. Here's where you'll want to score a reservation this spring.

Cane Rosso: Dallas's pizza phenom Cane Rosso is taking a road trip 200 miles south and opening in Austin (as well as Houston). Menus vary by location, but you can be sure there will be some serious Neapolitan pies cooked in a specialty oven. The team even went to the lengths of filming the demolition of the old oven in the former St. Philip space. Oh, and dessert will come from Cow Tipping Creamery, which Cane Rosso recently took over.

L'Oca D'Oro: Once a supper club, L'Oca D'Oro (the name means "golden goose") is going brick-and-mortar this spring in the Mueller development. At its helm is the well-pedigreed Fiore Tedesco, who pulled stints at New York's Roberta's and Gramercy Tavern before heading to Austin to work with Aaron Franklin. Expect relaxed Italian food and, if the club was any indication, a well-curated playlist.

Boiler Nine + Grill: This multistory multibar restaurant at the old Seaholm Power Plant has been in the works for ages, but it looks like it is finally set to open this spring. Still, almost everything has been kept tightly under wraps, so stay tuned.

Pizzeria Sorellina: Taylor Hall and Adam Brick of critical darling Apis decided they might like a pizzeria on their property, so they're working on opening one in a chapel-like building. Pies will be a mix of Neapolitan- and Roman- style with toppings from the restaurant's garden.

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