Funky Nut Company's Cadbury Creme Egg Cashew Butter

This cashew butter is filled with delicious miniature Cadbury Creme Eggs

"Remember to dig deep."

That's how the note from Julian Campbell, owner of England's Funky Nut Company was signed. Ordinarily, I'd be confused about why my nut butter came with an existential message, but this one had an Easter egg inside. Literally: The tub of cashew butter is loaded with tiny Cadbury Creme Eggs.

Technically, the spread has only three ingredients: cashews, Cadbury Eggs and sea salt. The jars of cashew butter (or "nutty pots," as Campbell calls them) are made like a parfait of extruded chocolaty cashew butter and halved miniature Cadbury Eggs. It's a logical combination, with both companies being British.

On the best way to eat it, Campbell deploys his archaeological mantra: "One spoon and dig deep." Inverting the plastic jar revealed what I knew before I even opened it: It's dotted with eggs right down to the bottom. He also enjoys to spread it on a hot muffin ("for a little more culture"). For even more culture, spoon it into a halved avocado, top with sea salt and call it a salad. Equally delicious is to spin it into a milkshake or smoothie, or melt it down and use it as an ice cream sundae topping. But I must admit that I repeatedly revert to the spoon-and-enjoy method, especially during a midday lull (chocolate is a carb; carb is energy; energy is life).

The product is available only seasonally, like the miniature chocolate eggs with which it's filled. But it'll be back. "This is the first go," Campbell says, "but wait until you see what's planned for it in 2017." I can sense his sly grin beaming from across the pond. He's a man who's proud of his product, and rightfully so. The other varieties (pistachio butter and peanut butter with Chinese spices) are equally spoonable, and I'm looking forward to the tiger nut butter, the first I've seen made from the pea-size tuber.

I'm not sure if the Easter Bunny accepts letters like Santa does, but this year, I'm asking for an Easter basket filled with jars of this spread.