The Best Way To Make Toast For A Crowd

The best way to make toast for a crowd

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Making brunch for a group sounds like a feasible endeavor until you find yourself scrambling—literally and figuratively—to make enough toast in time for your batch of eggs, all while manning a splattering pan of bacon and brewing another batch of coffee to save everyone from getting hangry on you.

Since no brunch is complete without toast—a truth even before toast became a thing— learning how to make a big batch all at once is an essential party trick. And when that trick works its magic out of sight and out of mind, letting you focus on the rest of the meal, it's even better. Meet the toast hack so obvious it's almost stupid.

To make a big batch of toast, lay a sheet tray on the lower rack of your oven and position the upper rack in the next slot. Place slices of bread on the tray, so that they stand up between the bars of the higher rack. Congrats, you've just created a giant toaster.

Depending on how fast you want your toast to cook and how dark you want it to be, you can adjust the temperature of your oven and the time. According to Cook's Illustrated's Kitchen Hacks: How Clever Cooks Get Things Done, a good starting place is setting the oven to 450 degrees, toasting the bread for six minutes, turning it over with set of tongs and cooking it for six more minutes.

Whatever your sweet spot, you'll never make toast for a crowd again any other way.