Leap Day Recipes And Traditions 2016

29 delicious ways to celebrate Leap Day

Leap Day is here, meaning it's time to make up for the extra 0.2422 days we skimp on every year. There aren't any traditional Leap Year foods, but take the chance to eat things you otherwise wouldn't—after all, it only comes once every four years.

1. Wake and bake these gooey cinnamon rolls to start the day off right. Today doesn't really count toward your New Year's resolutions.

2. Or, for the glass-half-full types among us, maybe this is just one more day that you can keep your good habits rolling. A hot pink dragon fruit breakfast bowl should be more your style.

3. Either way, a bubbly breakfast cocktail is the way to go. Feel no shame—this chef does it every day.

4. Garlicky frog legs are about the only themed food you can milk from a day like this. Be adventurous: They taste like chicken. Really.

5. If real frog isn't your thing, put your crafting face on and make these adorable cupcakes instead.

6. If you're one of the lucky estimated 4.1 million people with a February 29 birthday, you're going to need a serious cake—which means multiple layers and plenty of chocolate.

7. Actually, a birthday this rare deserves two cakes. Balance the chocolate coma with a tropical pineapple and cashew-lime pound cake.

8. It's a Leap Year tradition for a woman to propose marriage. Antiquated, sure. But still a reason to toast to one another with a Red Wedding cocktail.

9. Today is 24 hours to do everything you keep saying you'll do—like stock your pantry with homemade granola bars.

10. Even if it's not your birthday, what's one more cake to choose from? Our 18-layer tiramisu cake is an impressive (and tasty) crowd-pleaser.

11. Italy calls this l'ann d' la baleina, which means "the whale's year." If you want to go source fresh whale meat, be our guest, but we're satisfied substituting this Comté-radicchio tart from Renee Erickson, chef at The Whale Wins in Seattle.

12. In case you missed it, yesterday was National Pancake Day. Since today barely even counts, there's still plenty of time to compensate with these savory cornmeal pancakes.

13. February 29 comes and goes, but fried chicken is forever.

14. If fried chicken isn't doing it for you, maybe fried pork cutlet will. Puffy, store-bought white bread not optional.

15. Oh, were you going to buy yourself a Snickers bar at the convenience store? Don't do that—make your own.

16. There's only so many hours in the day for all the drinking and indulging you want to do, but bite-size bourbon balls let you booze up and eat chocolate at the same time. Live a little.

17. What's even more rare than having a birthday on Leap Day? Spotting a unicorn in the wild. But you can make this sweet rose-cardamom almond milk and play pretend.

18. These lucky bananas are swimming in a pool of brown sugar-sweetened melted butter. With John Besh's bananas Foster recipe in hand, you can, too.

19. If you love bananas Foster but still want more, roll the dessert inside brioche dough for this king cake. Mardi Gras may have technically passed, but we say it's not over until the Easter Bunny comes.

20. In other double-dessert news, meet the cheesecake brownie. You don't even need to go homemade on this one—boxed mix works fine.

21. We've somehow made it this far without mentioning cheese, so quick: Grab every cheese bit in your fridge and make bare-bones mac 'n' cheese.

22. These smashed potatoes had us at that extra pat of butter.

23. Frogs and toads are similar enough, right? Make one of these five toad-in-a-hole recipes and feel free to call it "frog in a hole" if you're so inclined. It has enough names to begin with.

24. Bring home the bacon by making it yourself. Cure pork belly with a maple syrup rub, then turn your oven into a maple wood smoker to finish the deal.

25. If you're throwing a party, you're going to need a big batch of something strong. The old-school Fish House Punch has rum, peach brandy and just enough tart citrus juice to balance everything.

26. Keep guests happy with bowls of Crispix arare, the sweet-savory Asian snack mix, placed strategically around your house.

27. Homer Murray's killer queso is the key to these expertly layered nachos. His recipe features chicken, but throw on pulled pork—or your homemade bacon—to make them even better.

28. It's also the last day of February, which means spring's ramps and morel mushrooms are on their way. Until then, bulk up with one more bowl of hearty sauerkraut soup.

29. On the other hand, if you're lucky enough to live somewhere with an early growing season, get a head start with this morel-topped avocado toast.