The Red Wedding

Recipe adapted from Edmund's Oast, Charleston, SC
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The Red Wedding Cocktail Southern Jayce McConnel Vegetarian Edmund's Oast Charleston
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The Red Wedding

Recipe adapted from Edmund's Oast, Charleston, SC

Yield: 1 cocktail

Prep Time: 5 minutes, plus chilling time for ice cubes

Cook Time: N/A

Total Time: 5 minutes


Red Wedding Ice Cubes

3 cups boiling water

¼ cup loose-leaf hibiscus tea

½ cup brewed English Breakfast tea

6 thyme sprigs

¼ teaspoon orange blossom water

¾ cup Demerara sugar

¾ cup ginger ale, preferably Blenheim


Orange peel

½ ounce Averna

2 ounces aged bourbon, preferably Elijah Craig 12-year-old bourbon

3 Red Wedding ice cubes (recipe above)


1. Make the ice cubes: In a large heatproof bowl, combine the water, hibiscus tea, English breakfast tea, thyme and orange blossom water and let steep for 5 minutes. Add the sugar and stir until dissolved. Add the ginger ale, then strain through a fine mesh strainer into a pitcher. Pour into 1-inch square ice cube molds and freeze until solid.

2. Make the cocktail: In a double Old Fashioned glass, muddle the orange peel with the Averna. Add bourbon and stir briefly, then add ice cubes and stir until just chilled, about 20 seconds. Serve immediately.

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