Add Tasting Table To Your Apple News Feed

Tasting Table is now available on Apple News

Face it, no matter how hard you try to resist, you're going to reach for your phone the second you wake up.

Don't waste your precious morning on social media apps—spend that quality time picking out what you'll make for breakfast. Everything on Tasting Table is now available in full on Apple News. You can find curated recipes, videos and news from the world of food and drink as you catch up on the world's current events. To find us on your phone, follow this link to open your Apple News app, which is already installed on all iPhones and iPads running iOS 9 or higher. Then simply click the plus sign in the top right corner to add Tasting Table to your feed.

And since your smartphone is, well, smart, it'll remember the articles you read and suggest them to you later as you search for everything from apple galette to zebra cake.

We'll keep you up to date on the best ways to live deliciously—all you have to do is tap and scroll.

Named a "Best New App" by Apple in February, 2016.