DINE By Tasting Table Is Now Live In Detroit

Tasting Table's hit restaurant app is now live in the Motor City

More and more, medium-size cities are where it's at when it comes to great dining in America. That's certainly true in Detroit, where the restaurant scene has been growing rapidly over the past five years with the help of a small band of dedicated chefs, like Slows Bar BQ co-owner and native son Brian Perrone.

For the city's locals and tourists looking for their next great meal, there's now DINE by Tasting Table Detroit, the hit app that already helps New Yorkers, Angelenos, Chicagoans and hungry diners in other major U.S. cities find the perfect restaurant every time they go out.

Looking for the hottest tables in Detroit or the city's classic restaurants? Need a killer brunch to beat the weekend hangover? Seeking out the best burgers or where Perrone himself eats when he's not in the kitchen? DINE's got you covered.

So, take a look around online, or in the DINE app.

Find Detroit's hottest tables here, or in DINE.

Find the city's classics here, or in DINE.

Find the best spots to get a burger here, or in DINE.

Find where to get brunch in Detroit here, or in DINE.

Find where Slows Bar BQ's Brian Perrone likes to eat here, or in DINE.