Dinner Party Recipes: Punch, Chinese Hot Pot And Cookies

Throw a festive (and delicious) ugly Christmas sweater dinner party

Not feeling inspired by your usual dishes? Here's what's for dinner.

We all know the real reason we throw ugly Christmas sweater parties—the ridiculously festive garb is actually pretty comfortable. But it's not a party without a punch bowl, a warm central dish and frosted chocolate cookies, so gather your friends (and dig out your Christmas woolens) for a jolly good time.

① Drink: Jungle Bird Punch

Just because your sweaters are ugly, doesn't mean the meal has to be. Start by preparing a giant bowl of this citrus-adorned rum punch, which glows a festive red from nearly two cups of Campari.

② Main Course: Hot Pot

Once you have the make-ahead items taken care of, eating this communal dish is a party in itself. It's OK if you splash a bit of bonito broth while you're slurping down the last of your noodles—the reindeer pattern on your shirt will hide the evidence.

③ Dessert: Chocolate Candy Cane Buttons

The double-chocolate flavor (and candy cane specks) make these sweet bites feel like a mug of hot chocolate that you can sink your teeth into. If everyone's "too full for dessert," these cookies make excellent parting gifts—even though they'll likely be gone by the time your guests reach their cars.