The Best Star Wars Food Pictures On Instagram

The best Star Wars-inspired food on the internet

The new Star Wars movie is still a little over a week away, but the Force has already awakened on Instagram.

As if we needed more reason to be excited for the film, Instagram users have been combining two of our top interests (Star Wars and food) for endless internet-perusing pleasure. From a watermelon Death Star to Yoda-shaped cookies, #starwarsfoods is giving our Instagram feed a new hope.

Check out the slideshow below for our favorite intergalactic finds. Hungry you will be.

Chewbacca on these hash browns, which are complete with bacon arms and legs. (photo by @rickystrom)

In more Star Wars ice cream news, Davey's Ice Cream is scooping two franchise-inspired flavors at its New York City shop. (photo by @daveysicecream)

Yoda: Jedi master, keeper of wisdom and cookie muse. (photo by @woodlawncoffee)

These eclairs have officially blurred the line between dessert and fan art. (photo by @eclair_littleartwork)

How do you make Darth Vader less intimidating? Give him an eclair instead of a lightsaber. (photo by @eclair_littleartwork)

Han Solo had a pilot mishap, accidentally landing Millennium Falcon on a pie. (photo by @emily_saurus)

Disneyland is celebrating Season of the Force with all things Star Wars, like this Darth by Chocolate dessert. Even the lightsaber is chocolate. (photo by @momendeavors)

In which this blogger's son had the best birthday of all time. (photo by @iheartbaking)

Light Side vs. Dark Side is always a relevant battle, even when chocolate is concerned. (photo by @rialandingin)

These hand-decorated cookies are almost too pretty to eat. Almost. (photo by @mel_bakes)

That's no moon . . . that's a watermelon Death Star. (photo by @bj4ng.lee)

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, AT-AT Walker pancakes roamed the land. (photo by @hancholodesigns)