The Best Recipes To Make With Thanksgiving Leftovers 2015

9 delicious ways to bring Thanksgiving leftovers back to life

There's no avoiding Thanksgiving leftovers, but we're OK with that. Seasoned Thanksgiving pros know that the remains of the day are often best consumed cold, standing at the counter and with the refrigerator door still open.

However, with a little extra effort, you can turn those leftovers into savory waffles, cocktails and more. Here's how:

① If you have extra cranberry sauce, throw it in a blender with some booze and ice for a delightfully pink frozen cosmo.

② Instead of roasting whole cranberries for these sweet-tart streusel bars, spread a layer of extra sauce onto the flaky, buttery crust.

③ Skip the deli counter and use leftover white meat for this turkey sandwich, which is spread with spicy mayo and stuffed with barbecue chips.

④ Turn stuffing into a breakfast staple with the help of your waffle maker.

⑤ If you're more team muffin than team waffle, add bacon and cheese to leftover mashed potatoes for a spud-studded breakfast.

⑥ Follow Estela chef Ignacio Mattos's lead with turkey leftovers: Sear, spice and pile the meat high on a garlicky roll with kale and grated horseradish.

⑦ Show the forgotten side of green beans some love by tossing them with crunchy toasted almonds and red rice.

⑧ Corned beef has nothing on sliced turkey in this Reuben, which also puts cranberry sauce to good use.

⑨ When in doubt, layer everything together for the ultimate leftovers potpie.