The Best Two-Ingredient Recipes

The best two-ingredient recipes on the internet

Sometimes you can't wait to dive into a long difficult recipe with 20 ingredients and unusual techniques you've never heard of. Other times, you want to put two things into a bowl, mix them up then eat. Whenever you're feeling lazy and not down for a culinary challenge, check out this list of two-ingredient dishes.

① This ice cream will never break your heart by curdling at the last moment.

② You don't need a mixer, pastry skills or a third ingredient for this chocolate cake.

 Give the delivery man a night off and use this pizza dough for an at-home pie-making party.

 Fool your friends with these palmiers, which look like they're fresh out of the case at a fancy French bakery.

 Ice cream bread is a thing, and, no, it's not overly sweet.

 Start the morning right—and quickly—with these banana pancakes.

 Show your ice cream some magic with a homemade chocolate hard shell, which comes together in just 10 minutes.

 Use a quality bar for this chocolate mousse—you'll taste the difference, since it's half the ingredient list.

⑨ Pour a tropical getaway in the form of this piña colada, which features pineapple-coconut juice.

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