5 Ways To Use Leftover Pickle Juice

Five ways to use leftover pickle juice

Whether you made your own pickles or just ate the last spear from the jar, you're probably left with a lot of briny juice. Don't dump it down the drain. Here are five ways to put that versatile liquid to use.

① Dress It Up. Give the vinegar and lemon juice a break, and use pickle juice as your acid in homemade salad dressing. To be safe, start with less than you think you need. If you go too heavy, additional fat helps to neutralize.

② Love Meat Tender. Add flavorful pickling liquid to your next marinade. The acid helps to break down tough muscle fibers in your meat, giving it a more tender bite once you cook it off.

③ Spread Your Wings. Combine the briny liquid with a thick substance like sour cream, mayonnaise or silken tofu for a flavorful sandwich spread. Add whatever herbs you have on hand for endless customization.

④ Start Recycling. You can quick-pickle cut vegetables or eggs by sticking them back into the jar and returning them to the refrigerator. Or just save it as is to cook with: Instead of turning to citrus juice, add pickling liquid wherever a dish needs a hit of acid.

⑤ Take a Shot. Behold, the pickleback, beloved bar ritual of yore. Knock back a shot of whiskey, then chase the burn with a hit of pickle juice. Or if you really love pickles, save the whiskey for a friend and get your sober brine on.

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