Read Aorta, An Online Food Journal About Copenhagen Chefs

Don't call this Copenhagen-based online food journal new Nordic

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Chefs hopping from kitchen to kitchen is an industry norm, and passing along tips and techniques is par for the course between cooks. Now former journalist Kasper Fogh wants to take that restaurant idea to the next level with his new Copenhagen food journal, Aorta.

A little more than two weeks old, Aorta brings chefs, brewers, food historians, cheesemakers, butter churners and thinkers in Copenhagen together to explore, unearth and report on the city's food culture, from trends they wish would just end (ahem, new Nordic) to their favorite BBQ in town, as well as introduce new talent worth keeping an eye on.

"What inspired us was a sense of community in the food scene around here. It's like there's a common purpose—we're here to develop better, more sustainable food," Fogh explains. "Our thought was, How can we add to that? We wanted to see if we could make a platform that could tell the stories about what these people think," Fogh adds. "It's an experiment in building media based on what they're into, rather than what an editor is into."

This means taking a microscopic look at cabbage and tracing its lineage and demise in diversity, or venturing out to the Arizona wilderness with game-changing beer makers you've likely never heard of. It all translates to thoughtful writing, insider insight and a glimpse into the way chefs think. Though Aorta's focus is on Copenhagen for now, Fogh doesn't want to keep it that way.

"I have dreams of this becoming a truly international forum, but Victor [Wågman], one of the founders of BROR, said, 'Let's get it up and running before we pile on people,'" Fogh says. "We have a solitary Swede in there, but I'd like it to grow. But in a sustainable way—one serious food brain at the time."