Editor's Note: Music + Food Month

This June, Tasting Table is making music our jam

The connections between music and food are endless: Think of an executive chef like a conductor, orchestrating the movement and flow of a kitchen. The ingredients are the notes on a sheet of music, while the knives, pots and heat are the instruments that turn those ingredients into dishes that sing. And the cooks, bakers and runners in the wings? They're the players, working together to create a seamless, harmonious melody.

This June, Tasting Table is celebrating Music + Food and all the ways that chefs, artisans and producers rock out—and how musicians have crossed over and conquered the world of food and drink, too. All month long, check back for exclusive chefs' playlists, as well as our Food on Tour series, highlighting where bands like Tanlines and They Might Be Giants like to eat in their favorite cities.

We've got interviews with Questlove and DJ Dieselboy on our main stage, and we'll be boozing like rock stars, testing out musicians' spirits lines that are worthy of a platinum record. Jazz, metal and pop are ready to battle it out for the top of the charts—err, the most popular style of music chefs like to prep to. And we simply couldn't celebrate Music + Food without delving into one of life's deepest questions: Why do so many chefs love Pearl Jam?

Lastly, our headliner: We're welcoming Philadelphia chef, author and pasta pro Marc Vetri back to our NYC Test Kitchen on June 12 for a Guest Chef dinner that promises to taste as good as it sounds. Vetri—a Musicians Institute grad who doesn't just make a mean chitarra, he plays it, too—is bringing along his friend, singer/songwriter Phil Roy. After dinner, the duo will perform a few of Roy's original songs.

So tune in, turn on and get ready to mise en play.