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Shellfish get the spotlight in Drunk Crustaceans calendar

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Considering tickets for Tasting Table's 2015 Lobster Rumble NYC just went on sale this morning, we've got crustaceans on the brain. And we're calling it now: Firefighters and fluffy puppies have seen their days. The newest stars of the calendar world are shellfish.

Drew Berezowitz and Leslie Kirchhoff, the duo behind food and music website Disco Kitchen, have discovered the untapped talents of leggy crabs and doe-eyed shrimps and thrust them into the spotlight for a completely ridiculous yet totally awesome new calendar they just launched called Drunk Crustaceans ($40).

"Whenever we were out to dinner, we would pose the lobster, shrimp or langoustine as if they were trying to take a sip of our cocktails," Berezowitz explains.

Then the inside joke got serious. The two began building intricate sets and scavenging for miniature props, including some found in Berezowitz's sister's dollhouse, and turned it all into one cheeky, beautiful calendar. The images include a shrimp passed out on a beach chair, a langoustine playing poker and a recreation of that infamous Kim Kardashian/Jean-Paul Goude "Break the Internet" photo, starring a shellfish, of course.

The calendar is already swimming off the digital shelves and inspiring the duo's next big summer project.

"It's going to be a set of postcards called Drunk Crustaceans Do Summer 2015. Think Coachella/Hamptons/Fourth of July vibes," Berezowitz says. "We had a delicious day of 'model' casting last week at the Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Co.—where you can buy the calendars in person—and we're all scheduled to shoot this week!"

We can't wait to get our claws on a pair.