What To Eat At Coachella 2015

The music festival goes beyond the food truck in 2015

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It's a billion degrees, your crop top is soaked through with sweat and the taco line is so long that you might not make it back to your blanket in time for the Flosstradamus set.

Such are the challenges of eating at big music festivals. But this year's Coachella (happening in Indio, California, on the weekends of April 10 to 12 and 17 to 19) is changing the game, thanks to a roster of big-name chefs and the Reserve app.

Attendees can book Outstanding in the Field VIP dinners, featuring culinary talents from SoCal and beyond like Jamie DeRosa (Miami's Tongue & Cheek) and Steven Fretz (L.A.'s The Church Key), through the app. A $225 ticket (dinner only) gets you four courses, a predinner cocktail and beer and wine, all served in the festival's rose garden. Many are already sold out, but it looks like there are some spots still available.

If you're going to be wearing a VIP wristband, you can also book hour-long $50 dinners from Roy Choi's POT and Kris Morningstar's Terrine on the Reserve app. Seating will be communal, and the description notes that the attire is "festival chic." Do with that what you will.

Get the entire Coachella food lineup—and check out where to eat in nearby Palm Springs.