This Thing Now: Kitchentape On Instagram

Cooks share silly spelling errors in restaurant walk-in fridges

We're pretty obsessed with This Thing Now. Here's how to get it into your life.

Blue painter's tape is a powerful thing in a restaurant kitchen.

Inscribed with a Sharpie and brandished on giant Cambros and quart-size take-out containers, it lets any busy cook barreling into the walk-in fridge know two things immediately: a) what exactly is in said container and b) how fresh it is.

And now, thanks to kitchentape on Instagram, we know one more thing: Correct spelling isn't always a given.

With 809 posts and counting, this Instagram account hilariously chronicles linguistic mishaps in restaurant kitchens submitted by chefs across the country using #kitchentape. It's a cheeky inside look into this universal practice taken on by every back-of-house team, struggles and all. "Because," as kitchentape's Instagram tagline rightfully warns, "kitchen tape doesn't have spell check."

We admire prep cooks' creativity when it comes to figuring out how to label the ingredients they're working with, like Meijer lemon, fingering potatoes and esnopis (snow peas!).

Check it out and get psyched: It's tocco Tuesday, guys.