The Best 15 Drink, Pasta And Dessert Recipes For Winter

Now that it's winter, we're here with a snowsuit body guide to get you through the long nights ahead. Arm yourself for the cold weather (it'll come, really) with these recipes for comforting drinks, pastas, desserts and more.

Fernet Hot Chocolate

Winter nights practically beg for spiked hot chocolate. This one has three types of chocolate, a grown-up addition of herbal fernet and makes seven cups—enough to last a weeklong snowstorm.

Winter Spice Punch

Even once December is over, there are still plenty of three-day weekends and small dinner parties to take on. No matter how burnt out you're feeling from the holidays, this simple punch is the Robin to all your entertaining needs.

Simon's Most Nourishing Elixir

'Tis the season for catching a cold. Ward off the inevitable with a warm ginger, honey and lemon concoction, boosted by spices like allspice and cloves that make it even more wintry.

Spinach Salad with Roasted Fennel and Grapefruit

Not all of winter has to be about hearty pastas and deep braises (we'll get to those). When you feel the need to lighten up, go for this leafy bowl with its tug-of-war between tart citrus segments and sweet roasted fennel.

Oysters with Preserved Lemon and Apple

We're well into the r months now, so get shucking. Instead of a traditional mignonette, mix together chopped apple and preserved lemon for a unique raw bar topping.

Pastrami Cheese Fries

Every day is game day when your face is smeared with Swiss cheese sauce. If pastrami seems like a strange addition, well, maybe you're strange and the pastrami is normal.

Duck Confit

Feeling like you never want to leave your home means it's as good a time as any to try a new cooking project. Once you have the method down, try it on other ingredients like garlic or fennel.

Classic Ragu alla Bolognese

Remember those hearty pastas we mentioned? Here you go. Be patient as it cooks—give in to a predinner snack if you must—in order to save your meticulously chopped meat from scorching.

Skillet-Baked Pasta with Five Cheeses

We give this recipe a gold star. A five-pointed one at that, with a different cheese on each corner. You might not be used to topping pasta with scallions, but that's likely to change after your first flirt with this skillet recipe.

Braised Rabbit with Creme Fraiche, Bacon and Quince

Game on, winter. Show lesser consumed meats some love with this one-pot braise, scented with bay leaves, orange peel and thyme.

Fesenjoon (Pomegranate, Walnut and Duck Stew)

Prepare yourself for heavenly smells emitting from your kitchen. If you filled your winter duck quota by making confit, substitute chicken with no problem.

Chocolate and Chestnut Cake with Kumquat Sauce

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire was so last season, so tap into store-bought purée for the sweet flavor. Make sure you get to taste this flourless treat before the cold sucks your face off.

Winter Squash Bread and Butter Pudding

We know what you should do with the lone butternut squash that's acquiring hypothetical dust bunnies on your counter right now. Toss it with torn baguette and cinnamon custard, and bake everything together.

Poppy Seed, Prune and Lemon Coffee Cake

What was that? You accidentally doubled the recipe for the crumb topping, so you could have some stored for a rainy day? What a coincidence, so did we.

Riz au Lait Arancini

Think of these dessert arancini as small balls of fried rice pudding. For a fun game, serve them side by side with savory carbonara ones and catch the look of surprise on your guests' faces. It's April Fool's Day come early.