The Best Holiday Gifts For A Wet Bar

Gifts for friends who make (and drink) a mean cocktail

Whether they fancy themselves off-duty mixologists (or sommeliers or cicerones) or are just the friends who always spike the punch, we've got plenty of gifts to help them toss one back.

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Double Platinum DOF Whiskey Glass Set ($50)

Whiskey out of a ho-hum tumbler says, "I'm OK with mediocrity." Whiskey out of an etched crystal glass says, "I've made it."

Wooden Muddler ($20)

Whether they're mad for mojitos or jazzed about juleps, they'll crush their next herbaceous cocktail with one of these smartly shaped muddlers.

Hella Ginger Lemon Bitters ($10)

Since ginger and lemon have all sorts of purported benefits, you're practically turning their cocktails into healthy drinks. Give this bottle of bitters with a note that says, "You're welcome."

Teroforma Ekke Shot Glasses ($35 for a set of four)

Made from soapstone (the same material as those whiskey stones you know and love), these glasses cool from the outside in—and we think that's pretty chill.

Bear Bottle Stopper ($10)

Because no one should have to bear drinking stale, day-old wine that's been exposed to the elements.