Food Trend: Burgers For Breakfast In NYC & Atlanta

Eating a cheeseburger for breakfast might sound like a childhood pipe dream.

But, as restaurants across the country have started offering burgers with an A.M. slant, that morning fantasy is becoming a carnivorous reality.

Mile End Delicatessen in New York City specializes in Canadian-style smoked meats, but before noon, it tips its hat to the States: a veal- and-turkey patty is topped with apple butter and melted cheddar and served on an English muffin.

Richard Blais's Atlanta-based burger joint, Flip Burger Boutique, offers an on-again-off-again special that reads like a deconstructed diner breakfast on a bun: red-eye gravy, maple foam and freeze-dried blueberries perch on a round of pork sausage.

Lovers of French toast should head to Denver, where the burger-centric food truck Pink Tank uses slices of the classic breakfast dish to sandwich a beef patty finished with lemon-cream-cheese spread, bacon and a caramel-maple sauce.

Morning meets noon meets night, burger-style.