Fridge Files: Mile End

At home with Noah and Rae Bernamoff

Last week, we gleefully blasted through the menu at the new Mile End Sandwich in Noho.

We said yes to a breakfast burger ($12) made with a fat veal-sausage patty stacked with an egg, apple butter and maple syrup on a cottony English muffin. We muttered please-and-thank-you to chicken salad that came on fluffy schmaltz-toasted challah ($10).

It was all glorious until it was finished.

Now it's time for a second helping: Noah and Rae Bernamoff's book, The Mile End Cookbook: Redefining Jewish Comfort Food from Hash to Hamantaschen ($27.50; preorder here).

The book won't be released until September, but in the meantime, we took a look into the pair's home fridge and pantry to tide ourselves over.

Click through our slide show for a tour of the couple's essential ingredients and tools, from David's Tea to Japanese pottery and food gifts from other Brooklyn food mavens.

Noah and Rae also gave us an exclusive sneak-peek recipe for their smoked-meat hash. With a jumble of potatoes, onions and smoked meat heaped together under runny fried eggs, it's an anytime-is-right dish that the best home cooking turns on.

Mile End Sandwich, 53 Bond St. (at the Bowery); 212-529-2990 or

  • Fridge Files: Mile End

    Rae Bernamoff in her Brooklyn kitchen. Clean white tiling, recycled materials and custom wood-work echo the look of Mile End Deli and the new Mile End Sandwich. The couple worked with William Mowat of Associated Fabrication to build their home kitchen and their two restaurants.

  • Fridge Files: Mile End

    The fridge is filled with snacks from other Brooklyn artisans whose owners the couple count as friends, including Red Hook Winery, Sixpoint Brewery and Bark Hot Dogs.

  • Fridge Files: Mile End

    Stumptown cold-brew and Morris Kitchen Ginger Syrup stand at the ready.

  • Fridge Files: Mile End

    A stack of chocolate bars is topped with a salted bar from Mast Brothers Chocolate.

  • Fridge Files: Mile End

    A brown paper bag is filled with Canadian candy--friends help smuggle it over the border.

  • Fridge Files: Mile End

    Rae favors Forever Nuts tea (black, no milk) from the Montreal-based company David's Tea. Handily, the company has opened two stores in New York. Jess Binkley, a line cook at Mile End Deli, makes the Binx Goods vanilla extract.

  • Fridge Files: Mile End

    A tagine from a relative's recent trip to Morocco nestles with a stock of potatoes and onions (crucial hash ingredients).

  • Fridge Files: Mile End

    Noah perfected his Montreal-style smoked meat technique while he was in school at Brooklyn Law. Now, you can pick up a pound at the Boerum Hill or new Noho location.

  • Fridge Files: Mile End

    Rae has a small collection of Japanese pottery, along with this nifty table-top hibachi grill. In good weather, the couple likes to BBQ on their terrace.

  • Fridge Files: Mile End

    Eggs, onions, potatoes and smoked meat combine to make one hearty hash. We happily eat it for any meal. Click here for the recipe.

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Mile End Sandwich 53 Bond St. New York NY 10012 212-529-2990

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