Two New Pastrami Sandwiches In NYC | New York City

Two new pastramis, making lunch better one slice at a time

We are a city united by our love for pastrami.

You can haggle over the classic versions available at the 2nd Ave Deli and Katz's, or even the newfangled take at Mile End Sandwich. But there is room aplenty for these smoked-meat newcomers.

Brooklyn Cured: Scott Bridi's newest addition to his line starts with an emphatically fatty brisket that experiences a weeklong dunk in a mixture of honey, brown sugar, peppercorns, bay leaf and garlic. The brisket is then crusted with coriander, cracked black peppercorns and sprightly mustard powder and smoked with applewood, self-basting in its fat all the while ($14 to 15 a pound). We eat it hot or cold by itself or on rye sliders at Smorgasburg ($5; next appearances will be on June 9 and June 23). Find a list of where Brooklyn Cured products are sold here.

Foragers City Grocer: At Chelsea's new glass-walled mini-mart, the butchers work from snout to tail and head to hind shank. Terry Ragasa (previously of Greene Grape Provisions and Fleisher's Meats) makes pastrami ($16 a pound) that is coated with a thin layer of molasses and then hot-smoked and braised in beer. Look for it at the butcher counter or steamy and sliced extra-thick in sandwiches at the prepared-foods counter. 300 W. 22 St. (at Eighth Ave.); 212-243-8888 or