Brussels Sprouts Slaw Recipe

Recipe developer and nutritionist Hayley MacLean, who blogs about deliciously healthy foods on Happy Healthy Hayley, is a big fan of Brussels sprouts. "I try to find any way possible to use them," she says. And that is precisely what she has done here, using them as a base for a "slaw," which traditionally starts with shredded cabbage. Brussels sprouts are "basically like little cabbages," MacLean explains, "so I thought they would be perfect for a slaw," not to mention offering a perfect excuse (as if one needed an excuse) for bringing in the autumn-forward flavors of dried cranberries and pecans. 

This Brussels sprouts slaw makes for "the perfect light accompaniment to many of the heavier dishes served this time of year," Maclean says, wearing both her recipe developer and her nutritionist caps. It also makes a great side for any holiday meal, or a delightful condiment for any meal at all, she adds, pointing out how well it would go "on top of pulled pork or chicken sandwiches to add a fresh and tangy bite."

Gather your ingredients for Brussels sprouts slaw

To make MacLean's recipe for Brussels sprouts slaw, you will, of course need Brussels sprouts. Specifically, MacLean's recipe calls for 1 pound of Brussels sprouts, which you will need to shred. MacLean provides directions below. 

You will also need 2 tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil, 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise, 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 tablespoon of Dijon mustard, 1 garlic clove (which you will need to mince), ¼ teaspoon of salt, ⅛ teaspoon of black pepper, ⅓ cup of shallots (halved and thinly sliced), ⅓ cup of dried cranberries, and ⅓ cup of pecans (chopped). You can, of course, skip the chopped pecans for a nut-free recipe. 

This is how to slice the Brussels sprouts

Take the Brussels sprouts out of their packaging, and rinse them under cool water. Using a sharp knife, cut off the bottom portion of each Brussels sprout so that the Brussels sprout is flat on the bottom and domed on top. Remove any damaged leaves that you see. Then, thinly slice the Brussels sprouts into shreds. For this, you can use a sharp chef's knife, a mandoline, or a food processor with a shredding blade.

Mix up the dressing

Moving on to whipping up the "slaw" dressing for this Brussels sprouts slaw recipe, grab yourself a medium-capacity mixing bowl. Use this bowl to whisk together the extra-virgin olive oil, mayonnaise, apple cider vinegar, honey, Dijon mustard, and minced garlic. If you hadn't already minced the garlic, one easy way to do it is with a garlic press, right into the bowl. Season the dressing with the salt and pepper, and continue whisking for another moment to emulsify the oil and vinegar.

Assemble your Brussels sprouts slaw, and enjoy

All that is left to do at this point is to assemble these various ingredients into your Brussels sprouts slaw. Grab yourself a large-capacity mixing bowl, as you will want room to toss the mixture. Use this large mixing bowl to toss together the shredded Brussels sprouts, sliced shallot, dried cranberries, pecans (assuming you're using them), and the dressing that you just made. Your Brussels sprouts slaw is now ready to serve, or you can refrigerate it for up to one week.

Brussels Sprouts Slaw Recipe
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This Brussels sprouts slaw recipe makes a great side for any holiday dinner, or a delightful condiment for pulled pork sandwiches.
Prep Time
Cook Time
finishing the Brussels sprouts slaw
Total time: 8 minutes
  • 1 pound Brussels sprouts, shredded
  • 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons mayonnaise
  • 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
  • 1 garlic clove, minced
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • ⅛ teaspoon black pepper
  • ⅓ cup shallot, halved and thinly sliced
  • ⅓ cup dried cranberries
  • ⅓ cup pecans, chopped
  1. Wash and pat dry your Brussels sprouts, and remove root side.
  2. Shred the Brussels sprouts using a chef's knife, mandoline, or food processor with a shredding blade.
  3. In a medium-sized mixing bowl, whisk together the dressing using the olive oil, mayonnaise, apple cider vinegar, honey, Dijon mustard, garlic, salt, and pepper.
  4. In a large mixing bowl, combine the shredded Brussels sprouts, shallot, dried cranberries, pecans, and the dressing.
  5. Serve immediately, or refrigerate.
Calories per Serving 282
Total Fat 19.5 g
Saturated Fat 2.4 g
Trans Fat 0.0 g
Cholesterol 2.8 mg
Total Carbohydrates 26.9 g
Dietary Fiber 6.4 g
Total Sugars 14.8 g
Sodium 260.9 mg
Protein 5.2 g
The information shown is Edamam’s estimate based on available ingredients and preparation. It should not be considered a substitute for a professional nutritionist’s advice.
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