The Common Type Of Cheese You May Be Overlooking For A Smokier Pizza

While mozzarella takes most of the glory in the world of pizza, there is another cheese that often goes under appreciated but can greatly enhance your pizza game: provolone. Provolone stands out from mozzarella both in terms of texture and flavor. While both cheeses are Italian in origin, provolone is a semi-hard cheese that undergoes an aging process, leading to a smokier and sharper flavor that adds a richer flavor profile to your favorite pie.

The key to achieving that smoky taste is provolone piccante, which is aged longer than its milder counterpart, provolone dolce. This extended aging process not only deepens its sharpness but also imbues it with a distinct smoky aroma. Like mozzarella, provolone melts quite well, another reason it makes a great cheese for pizza. Adding provolone to your pizza not only enhances the flavor but also introduces a new level of smoky sophistication to your homemade pie. Its unique taste and excellent melting properties make it a versatile addition that pairs well with a variety of toppings.

Pair provolone with these toppings for maximum flavor impact

The right choice of toppings can elevate a provolone-topped pizza into a truly gourmet experience. For a classic, top-tier pizza topping combination, try pairing provolone with spicy pepperoni and savory sausage. If you prefer something sweeter, roasted red peppers and golden caramelized onions are excellent choices. For a fresh and peppery kick, add arugula and prosciutto.

For more adventurous bites, consider skipping the red sauce in favor of a fig spread. Earthy mushrooms with a drizzle of truffle oil will enhance the smoky notes of provolone, leading to a rich and luxurious pizza experience. Add dried apricots, brine or dry-cured olives, or smoked salmon for more unconventional pizza topping choices. For a spicy approach, pickled jalape├▒os offer a bit of heat and tang that pair well with provolone's more complex notes. Whether you prefer classic or bold flavors, provolone adds a unique touch to pizza that makes every bite memorable!