The Rich Dessert That Makes A Perfect Vessel For Ice Cream Sandwiches

There's no better time to make mess-free homemade ice cream sandwiches than when it's warm outside and you need something sweet and creamy to cool down. But while you could stick with the classic formula here — namely, two cookies on either side of your ice cream scoop — who says you can't switch it up a little? If you're craving something different, there are plenty of good reasons to go for brownies instead.

For chocolate lovers, these treats are much more likely to satisfy your craving. Brownies are also much richer and more luxurious than crumbly cookies. Plus, using these desserts instead will give you more of a cake-like exterior, making your sandwich more reminiscent of a mini ice cream cake. And from a logistical perspective, brownies tend to be easier to maneuver than cookies. You can assemble your sandwiches right in the pan and cut them into squares and rectangles that are whatever size you like.

How to make brownie ice cream sandwiches

To assemble your brownie ice cream sandwiches, you'll make two pans of brownies from scratch or a box. Since you'll be freezing your sandwiches later, the outside layers will get pretty solid on their own so underbake them for a few minutes to prevent them from turning rock-hard. Then let them cool a bit so you don't end up with melted goop everywhere while allowing your ice cream to soften outside of the freezer for a few minutes. 

Next, spread scoops out on one layer of brownies, top with the other, and stick the whole thing in the freezer overnight. It can be a little tricky to cut these sandwiches the next day so it helps to run your knife under hot water before you do so. But before you get started, use your imagination to make the perfect brownie-ice cream flavor combo. 

Dark chocolate rhubarb brownies would go well with strawberry scoops, while mocha brownies would taste delicious with chocolate ice cream, cookie dough, cherry vanilla, or mint chocolate chip. Or switch it up and mash lemon brownies together with pistachio, or butterscotch brownies with coffee or French vanilla. To finish off your masterpiece, roll individual sandwiches in sprinkles, chocolate chips, coconut flakes, or chopped nuts before digging in.