Four Roses Bourbon's High-Quality Taste Doesn't Rely On One Single Recipe

The bourbon market is expansive; hundreds of brands distill and bottle their own expression on the corn-based liquor. Yet a select few are cemented in American history, with deep roots that trace back decades (or more). Kentucky-based Four Roses is such a brand – it was founded in 1888, survived prohibition, and became one of America's best-selling bourbons from the 1930s to the 1950s.

After a rough period of mismanagement during the latter part of the 20th century, they've returned to form as one of the top American whiskey brands. And they've accomplished such a feat by distilling a little differently than the rest of the field. While most brands only employ a single mash bill, Four Roses uses two, which they combine with five strains of yeast. As a result, they have 10 resulting bourbons, some of which are then bottled as single barrel expressions, but all of which get blended into their Signature Yellow label bottle.

While each of these liquors have historically been kept secretive, the brand recently released the details of each recipe, noting the palate, and how each one is cataloged. And they're even selling all 10 bottles in a tasting kit, a limited release available in select states.

Four Roses blend bourbons crafted with 10 distinct recipes

Blending together varying bourbons into a bottle is not an unique practice. Most distillers combine a secretive and always-changing mixture of liquor into their expressions. Since bourbon readily varies based on the barrel, location, and age, it's a way of maintaining a common flavor across bottlings.

One of the facts to know about Four Roses is that they do things a bit differently. By creating unique mash bills, and 10 recipes in the process, and then considering the typical aging variations, the brand creates a broad range of liquor. Such a move allows them to select which expressions to release at an accessible price, like their stellar single barrel, which is one of the best bourbons under $50.

Plus, their recipe system allows consumers to know more information regarding their bottling, a contrast to the typically secretive nature of bourbon. For example, it's possible to see which recipes go into a Small Batch versus the Select, making it easier to align a bottle with your tastes. Even if you can't sample their 10 bottle tasting kit, you can visit their website to learn the flavors of each recipe, as well as mash bill. It's a refreshing level of transparency, all backed by delicious bourbon, making Four Roses a whiskey-lovers favorite.