What To Know About Costco's 'Naked' Lobster And How To Use It

Deliciously sweet and succulent, freshly cooked lobster is a real treat for the senses. Unfortunately, it's not one of the easiest foods to dine on. From wrangling rogue crustaceans to cracking stubbornly tough shells and digging into hard-to-reach crevices, the steps required to extract the meat are complicated, laborious, and messy. However, eating lobster doesn't always need to be this difficult. Enjoying fresh shellfish can be as straightforward as stopping by Costco and picking up a package of one of its newest and most expensive foods, Cedar Bay's Naked Lobster.

Naked lobster is exactly what it sounds like — a crustacean without its clothes or more aptly, its shell. Unlike most kinds that need to be cooked to be shelled, Cedar Bay's version undergoes a processing method where they're subjected to extremely high pressures. This works to kill the lobster and any bacteria in mere seconds, as well as separate flesh from the shell while remaining entirely intact, claws, tail, and all. 

Once removed from their exoskeleton, the lobsters (which are sustainably sourced from the North Atlantic Ocean) are then packaged and vacuum-sealed. Priced at $39.99 for two portions at the store or $299.99 for six that can be ordered online and shipped, each contains the meat from a two-pound crustacean along with mounds of herby butter. While it can be enjoyed immediately after cooking for an effortlessly elegant weeknight meal, its convenience makes the shell-free lobster ideal for a myriad of tasty recipes.

The best ways to use Costco's naked lobster

Naked lobster is incredibly easy to cook with. All you need to do is place a frozen package into a pot of boiling water to heat. Within 18 minutes, the meat will become cooked to perfection and wonderfully seasoned thanks to the flavored butter. After carefully removing it from the package, lobster can be served simply, such as on a seafood-focused grazing board or as a dazzling garnish for a Bloody Mary. However, we recommend transforming it even further. 

Since this type of shellfish cooks in next to no time and requires zero shelling, naked lobster can be especially useful in recipes that are complex or time-consuming — like stuffing intricate dumplings or abundant yields of ravioli. Similarly, working with the fuss-free crustacean can also streamline processes when frying up crispy cakes and fritters, much like it can make whipping up a classic lobster Newburg or a rich bisque all the speedier. 

Additionally, its approachability also makes it a great go-to in simpler recipes like loaded lobster rolls, seafood salads, or layered tostadas. Of course, the meat can even be used to easily revamp recipes like a classic eggs Benedict or a basic grilled cheese sandwich. Regardless of the recipe, one thing is certain, Costco's naked lobster is a must-buy if you want to make enjoying seafood less of a chore and more of a pleasure.