Get Creative With Your Chorizo Hot Dogs This Summer

Once you've had the pleasure of savoring a chorizo sandwich, it might be hard to switch back to a regular ol' hot dog. Whether it's Spanish or Mexican chorizo, you'll enjoy how tasty and delightfully greasy these pork sausages are — just what you want for a summer barbecue. You can use your favorite hot dog toppings in your chorizo sandwich, but don't be afraid, either, to get creative with the kinds of relish, toppings, and condiments to serve with it. Because of its big flavor and spiciness, it's impossible for chorizo to fade into the background.

Take a cue from choripán, the popular Argentinian sandwich, and slather chimichurri on your bread and grilled chorizo. This highly versatile salad dressing will impart a burst of tangy, herby freshness that'll keep your sandwich from feeling too rich or heavy. You can also provide a delicious contrast with caramelized onions, a tarty red pepper relish, or the bright and refreshing mango salsa. Another Latino inspiration is chanclas poblanas, the sloppy sandwich that dresses up ground chorizo with a tomato-based sauce infused with guajillo chiles. Make your favorite spicy tomato sauce with the help of chef Lidia Bastianich's pro tip and then "borrow" the Mexican classic's additional layers of avocado slices, lettuce, diced onions, and crema for a sandwich that's a flavor and texture bomb.

For something totally unconventional, create a sweet, creamy spread by mixing fig jam with mayonnaise. Slather it on your chorizo sandwich, and then balance the texture with some crispy shallots and roasted peppers.

Sandwich your chorizo hot dog between slices of rustic bread

To bring out the flavor of chorizo further, cut it in half lengthwise after grilling and then return it on the grill with the cut side down to give it a good sear. You can also cut an uncooked chorizo link the same way to insert a rectangular piece of cheddar or gouda cheese between the two halves then wrap the sausage with bacon strips to "seal" everything together. Use toothpicks on both ends to keep the bacon and chorizo from unraveling, and then sear them on the grill for a minute. Keep rotating the chorizo so the bacon gets a nice, even crisp to it. Afterward, let the sausage links continue to cook for 15 to 20 minutes on the side of the grill, away from direct heat.

For the best sandwich, pair your chorizo hot dog with a rustic bread like sourdough, Italian bread, or French baguette. These loaves come with an earthy crust that keeps the form of the sandwich intact even as you load up on meat, relish, and toppings between the bread slices. They also have a soft yet chewy interior that is perfect for sopping up the juices of a freshly grilled chorizo hotdog and the condiments you'll pile on top of it. Tip: Make a small trench in the middle of the bread where the sausage can nestle so you wouldn't have to worry about it popping out every time you take a bite.