The Popular Brand That's Rumored To Be Behind Trader Joe's Salad Kits

Salad kits have an undeniable appeal, and if you're familiar with the grab-and-go format, then you probably already know Trader Joe's puts out some great options. And like plenty of other items at the cult-favorite retailer, rumors about who is actually behind the kits are always circulating. Since the grocery brand doesn't create all of its products, and instead white labels many of them from other sources, this guessing game has become a favorite for internet sleuths.

The name behind the salad kits might already be out of the bag — it seems like Taylor Farms is the one supplying the Trader Joe's salad kits. The connection between the two brands has become clear for a few reasons; not only do multiple styles and flavors of salad kits line up between Taylor Farms products and the Trader Joe's versions, but a 2022 recall of the Lemony Arugula Basil kit made the source indisputable.

Aside from the similarities between the Lemon Parmesan Chopped from Taylor Farms and Lemony Arugula Basil at Trader Joe's, there are other kits that line up as well. The Creamy Dill Pickle Chopped from Taylor Farms is practically identical to the Dill-icious Chopped at Trader Joe's, and there's a Southwest Chopped Salad from both brands — no cutesy name was even added for the TJ's version.

Why salad kits are beloved by shoppers

Don't let the recall scare you though; overall these kits remain popular products at the store for good reason. Instead of going through the hassle of collecting multiple kinds of lettuce, vegetables, seeds, croutons, and everything needed to whip up a corresponding dressing, these kits cut your work in half. A single bag allows you the luxury of a full-fledged dish with toppings, texture, and taste — no chopping needed.

Even if neither Trader Joe's nor Taylor Farms have come right out and identified the partnership (aside from the rather telling recall notice), small details like the style of the dressing for each kit is the same, the cabbage is chopped to the same size and shape, and other specifics like the kinds of cheese or nuts and seeds tend to be the same, too. Of course, if you prefer a more basic salad dressing, Trader Joe's is still the place to stock up on ranch. But if you like to have a lunch or dinner ready to go in a matter of minutes, this is a trend to get in on.