Give Your Egg Salad The BLT Treatment For A Major Flavor Boost

Bacon, lettuce, and tomato make up the classic American BLT sandwich, but you probably already know that. Then there's creamy egg salad, which you may or may not appreciate a bite of in the form of a sandwich or with crackers. But take the two relatively common recipes and blend them together and the result is next-level egg salad. This enhanced version packs more flavor and crunch than the egg salad you're used to from your family's recipe (sorry, grandma) or even one ordered at the local deli or bodega.

Of course, there are many tips to improve egg salad, but the addition of bacon, lettuce, and tomato surely cannot be beat. Bacon and eggs are a classic breakfast combo and the ingredients pair just as deliciously in egg salad. Egg salad is typically quite creamy, and the bacon will add layers of crunch and meaty umami in each spoonful. The tomatoes bring a touch of sweetness and mild acidity. And when it comes to the lettuce, it will give a subtle crunch and varying nutrients depending on the variety you toss in the bowl.

Mix lettuce into BLT egg salad or use it as the wrapper

The bacon can be chopped up for bigger bites of crunch or crumbled into smaller pieces for a finer consistency. You can even use store-bought crumbled bacon to make life easier. As for the lettuce, chop up fresh romaine to keep it simple, use arugula for a peppery touch, or opt for trendy kale for earthy flavors in the mixture. Or skip the lettuce in the egg salad and use it as the vessel to eat your BLT egg salad instead. You could even deconstruct the whole thing and simply have slices of tomato, bacon and egg on a large lettuce leaf, with or without mayo. When you make a BLT sandwich, slices of large beefsteak of heirloom tomatoes are a must, but you'll need to dice large tomatoes for a more conventional egg salad idea. Cherry or grape tomatoes cut in half might even be a better option to obtain even bites for this take on egg salad.

However, you don't actually need to totally reinvent egg salad to add the BLT effect. Simply add the bacon, lettuce, and tomato to upgrade any egg salad recipe. For example, try Tasting Table's creamy egg salad and deviled egg salad recipes that will surely benefit from crunchy bacon, leafy lettuce, and tomatoes. Or to make it even easier, follow our za'atar egg salad sandwich recipe and add bacon, lettuce, and tomato to the sandwich for a fusion of flavors.