The Expensive 'Golden' Caviar You Can Buy At Costco

Costco is a haven for well-priced snack packs, salad kits, sheet cakes, and the like. But these everyday staples aren't all that the wholesale retailer has to offer. In fact, a huge selection of expensive foods and drinks line the unassuming shelves at Costco. Between bottles of wine and wheels of aged cheese, there's a vast catalog of goodies that can treat your tastebuds for a price, including a very large tin of golden caviar.

With a price tag of $1,999.99, Plaza Golden Osetra Caviar is one of the fanciest foods available at Costco. Its astronomical cost is largely due to the size of the tin, which is packed with 1 kilogram (32.5 ounces) of caviar — an amount that's able to serve upwards of 40 party guests. Plus, the tin also comes with two beautifully handcrafted mother-of-pearl spoons and a thermal carrying tote, furthering its value. However, that's only a fraction of what makes this tin of caviar so noteworthy.

Regardless of quantity, what makes caviar so expensive is its lengthy and laborious processing. That said, this particular variety bears elevated status because of its uniquely golden pearls. Revered for its impressively rare hue, Plaza Golden Osetra even boasts a highly complex flavor profile. Beyond their pleasant pop, the velvety spheres have an intense nuttiness that's balanced with subtle nuances of brine and butter, adding to their sheer opulence. 

What you need to know about Costco's golden caviar

Costco actually carries an array of caviar from different brands. Some are sourced domestically, whereas others come from across the globe before ending up in customers' shopping carts. As for tins of Plaza Golden Osetra Caviar that are distributed by Plaza de Caviar, the pearls come directly from a partner farm in Greece. Essentially, the beads are harvested from species of sturgeon that have been sustainably farmed near the bay of Amvrakikos. The ultra-rare type of Osetra caviar is then salt-cured before it is eventually vacuum-sealed to maintain the highest quality of freshness. 

If this has gotten you interested in purchasing your own tin of golden caviar from Costco, the store also carries kilo-sized quantities, 250-gram (8.8-ounce) tins that are available for $549.99 to satisfy smaller groups of gourmands. Otherwise, roe can also be a great discount caviar alternative. Either way, tins can be purchased online with next-day delivery, depending on when orders are placed. Just be mindful that while unopened tins can keep for up to a month, once the seal is broken, it needs to be consumed quickly — so, plan accordingly. 

Whether you serve a tin of the golden pearls with blini, potato chips, or as a bump is totally up to you. In any case, if your budget allows, caviar (especially, a kilogram's worth) is sure to wow every time.