Whatever Happened To Costco's All-American Chocolate Cake?

Costco is notorious for discontinuing customers' favorite items. It previously axed its cherished kosher hot dog brand, and, again, its beloved hand-dipped ice cream bars. The hit list goes on. Unfortunate to land on that list, too, was the prized All-American Chocolate Cake — and the move didn't go unnoticed. Presently, a whopping 8,500 plus signatures have been amassed on a Change.org petition titled "Ask Costco to bring back the "All-American Chocolate Cake." But if numbers speak, Costco has done a tremendous job of turning a deaf ear. 

It was 2020 when Costco did the unthinkable and suspended the All-American Chocolate Cake. Once a 7-pound, fudge-forward staple for birthdays and barbecues, this masterpiece was discontinued never to return. Some suspect that the cake suffered collateral damage due to the COVID-19 pandemic, when a huge shift toward home baking saw the price of flour increase as people took things literally into their own hands. Social distancing also made big get-togethers far less likely. Consequently, the demand for Costco's baked goods likely dwindled, including that for its massive, party-sized All-American Chocolate Cake.

But others think otherwise. A Redditor who claims to be a part of the pioneering team for this cake dared to say it wasn't a "best-selling" product, which, come to think of it, may have been true compared to more profitable goods. In such cases, Costco would replace popular products with "more popular products," they divulged. Perhaps a more straightforward explanation is that the All-American Chocolate Cake "cost more money to make," as put across by another user on Reddit.

The All-American Chocolate Cake was great for all occasions

There are many good qualities to draw from Costco's All-American Chocolate Cake — the most evident being its unapologetically chocolatey nature. This delicacy was a weak spot for cocoa aficionados. It was made with chocolate, covered in chocolate frosting, and garnished with chocolate shavings. The frosting, particularly, was an outstanding feature, winning Reddit praise. On commenter called it the "best chocolate frosting ever. Like brownie batter." A combination of these elements was enough to impress upon anyone its richness, creating return customers in just a few bites.

The cake offered a generous serving, too. At 7 pounds, it weighed about as much as a newborn baby! Even Costco's 10-inch Chocolate Mousse Cake weighs 5 pounds at most, and it's a hearty serving of cake in itself. It seems that Costco didn't skimp on chocolate flavor nor size when it came to its All-American Chocolate Cake — as if it were giving us as much as it could before it plucked it from our sights.

On top of that, this cake was incredibly versatile. As one petitioner detailed on Change.org, "It was perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Days, Father's Days, any party or celebration dessert! It was definitely our go to deliciousness!" Perhaps for now, customers can alleviate their cravings with the miniature All-American Chocolate Cakes that have recently made their way onto the Costco bakery scene or by baking our death by chocolate cake recipe. But until they bring back the OG cake, our minds will never rest.