A Mixologist's Pro Tip To Avoid Over-Diluting Your Boozy Slushies

When done right, frozen cocktail slushies hit the spot all summer long. When done wrong, the result is a sad, watery mess. And there's one key to striking the right balance. Cody Goldstein, award-winning mixologist, author, and founder of Brooklyn-based hospitality group Muddling Memories, cannot stress enough how important it is that you do not over-dilute frozen cocktails. We agree, having covered in the past how to dilute batch cocktails to their ideal flavor and uncovered what really happens when you dilute whiskey with water. Now with Goldstein's help, we're learning how to not over-dilute our boozy slushies

As  Goldstein noted to Tasting Table, "A slushie drink can take a wrong turn very quickly if the alcohol content is too high or the dilution ratio is not correct." This can happen when you're using water-based ice cubes, which can over-dilute the slushie as the ice melts into water. To remedy the situation, Goldstein has a genius recommendation.

"With that said, we like to use the trick of freezing our mixer into ice cubes and using those as the chilling element whenever blending a slushie at home," he revealed. Let's take our frozen fruit wine slushie for example. Instead of using standard ice cubes, you'd add cubes of frozen watermelon or mango to the blender to make the delicious boozy slushie. Other fruits, like berries, can be frozen into cubes too. 

Sometimes, you will need to dilute your boozy slushies with regular ice cubes

Cody Goldstein noted how freezing mixers into ice cubes will change the texture of your boozy slushie. He stated, "This will allow for the flavor to stay concentrated while giving you the texture you desire for a frozen-style drink." Now although Goldstein freezes his mixer, like fruits, into ice cubes to make irresistible boozy slushies, he doesn't relegate regular ice cubes to the back burner completely. 

There are times when regular ice cubes still play a role in making slushies for adults. "You may need to add in a few regular cubes for dilution," Goldstein explained. "But those can be added to taste as you continue to blend the drink." After blending your boozy slushie, give it a sip. If it's too strong in alcohol or too thick in texture, blend it again with a few regular ice cubes to taste. Often, it's easier to dilute a cocktail than remedy an over-diluted cocktail. 

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