The Store-Bought Ranch Dressing We'll Always Stock Up On

Ah, ranch dressing. The condiment chameleon, the flavor bomb for salads, the veggie dip extraordinaire. While homemade ranch recipes are excellent, which store-bought version is best? Fear not, fellow ranch enthusiasts, for a universally beloved contender transcends mere grocery-store status: Trader Joe's Buttermilk Ranch Dressing. (Don't worry, we made sure to test and rank a whole bunch of store-bought ranch dressings). 

So, what specific characteristics set this ranch apart from others? We're here to unveil its creamy, dill-icious delights. Along with its thick and smooth consistency, this Trader Joe's dressing is neither watery nor overly dense. Furthermore, its flavor profile uniquely combines perfect levels of tanginess and herbiness. The well-balanced flavors don't overwhelm your palate or overpower your taste buds with garlic and onion. Unlike some bland, bottled ranch dressings — last on our list was unexciting Chick-fil-A Garden Herb Ranch Dressing — Trader Joe's Buttermilk Ranch uses real buttermilk as its base. The inclusion of buttermilk and the absence of artificial preservatives adds to its appeal and overall flavor, making this an easy one to add to your cart.

Stock up on full ranch flavor with Trader Joe's buttermilk version

Aside from being an excellent salad dressing, Trader Joe's Buttermilk Ranch also offers plenty of culinary opportunities and solutions. Get ready for extreme dipping with your favorite collection of crudités or your next batch of crispy baked chicken wings. A thin layer of this sauce on sandwiches and wraps makes them instantaneously delicious, and some daring people even claim it can be used as a pizza topping. Add the buttermilk flavors into mashed potatoes or as a sauce over baked potatoes to give them a creamy taste. Last but not least, the Trader Joe's version is relatively cheap, making it an affordable option for your next trip to the grocery store.

Whether you're simply a salad lover, a dip fan, or a person who turns everyday meals into something super, Trader Joe's Buttermilk Ranch Dressing merits a spot in your fridge. Its excellent ingredients, versatility, and taste make it a must have, earning a place as a full-time condiment.