Transform Leftover Dinner Into Breakfast With A Crispy Salmon Hash

Turning last night's dinner into today's meal may not sound like a very appealing idea but that's because it needs more than just a quick reheat. Why eat the same thing all over again when you can make the best of what's left by transforming it into a brand-new dish? For seafood, in particular, the ways to use up leftover salmon are endless. 

If you're not looking for anything too elaborate but still want to turn out an enjoyable treat, a salmon hash is just the thing to make. Repurposing your cooked fish in this way offers a convenient shortcut that saves time and effort. It's especially helpful when you're busy or just can't be bothered to go through the hassle of preparing salmon.

This type of seafood also adds a distinctive, lightly sweet taste to the usual starchy richness of diced potatoes. The lingering notes from the leftover spices lend nuances to the flavor profile, making it more complex and exhilarating without losing the dish's rustic nature. Each bite is an enticingly diverse blend of textures, from the crispy exterior to the contrastingly starchy soft filling mixed with flaky salmon bits.

Tips for making a delicious salmon hash meal

To make this incredible-tasting seafood hash, you'll need to start by boiling your potatoes in a pot for around seven minutes and then drain them. Then, heat your leftover salmon in a large skillet over medium heat for a few minutes and let it cool before breaking it up into pieces. The aromatic magic truly happens when you add the onion, diced red bell peppers, and garlic into the mix. Lastly, you just need to stir in your diced potatoes, fish pieces, dill, and spinach, cooking until it's wilted.

As for the seasonings, a pinch of ground pepper and salt is sufficient but feel free to add anything else you like. Bear in mind that the salmon is probably already seasoned, so go lighthanded to avoid an overwhelmingly salty taste. Much like the original dish, this type of hash has a diverse range of additional ingredients that can be layered over as toppings. Dollops of sour cream, fresh herbs, hollandaise sauce, or even fool-proof poached eggs make for excellent company.