Local Popcorn Brands With A Ton Of Flavors

For years, popcorn has been associated with the best of our childhood memories. We snacked on it while watching movies at the theater, shared it with friends on visits to the local fair, and enjoyed the snack while awestruck by animals at the zoo. While you may prefer streaming over theater-going or a quiet wine and cheese night over the fair, the love of popcorn remains constant. And now, the wealth of local popcorn brands allows us to indulge in that love even more.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Americans snack on up to 14 million quarts of popcorn per year. That's about 2.8 million medium-sized bags of buttery popcorn being munched on every year. Except now, we can enjoy flavors beyond butter and salt alone. Bagged popcorn flavors have the most delicious selection, ranging from cheddar cheese or salt and pepper to sweet caramel-coated kernels. However, it's with the smaller, local brands that we're really spoiled for choice. These local popcorn brands come up with unique, funky flavors like dill pickle, mango, and bacon and cheese that keep us loyal customers for life. While these brands have become small town treasures in their various locations, they're gracious enough to offer nationwide shipping so we can enjoy them too.

Shirley's Gourmet Popcorn Company

After the Shannon Theatre in Bluffton, Ohio realized how sought-after its popcorn was with movie-goers, the team set to work on appeasing its customers' growing demand. Thus came Shirley's Gourmet Popcorn Company, named after a beloved longtime employee of the theater. While its popcorn has the same fresh flavor as the movie theater snack, the gourmet brand has expanded beyond the classic butter flavor. The company has a delicious selection of sweeter popcorn flavors like "Caramel Nut Cluster" and "Chocolate Almond."

The most interesting flavors, however, lie in its range of regional flavors. Shirley's Gourmet Popcorn Company carries flavors that showcase colleges in its native Ohio or stores in Virginia and Illinois. While "Oiler Nation Select" features white and dark chocolate drizzled onto orange-flavored popcorn to represent the University of Findlay, "Bluffton University Popcorn" mirrors the school's signature colors with purple popcorn, covered in a sweet symphony of English toffee, white chocolate, and pecans. Don't know where to start? Shirley's offers a Popcorn of the Month subscription, allowing customers to sample unique offerings like "Rum Toffee Crunch" and "Everything Bagel."

Emma's Gourmet Popcorn

If you're ever in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area, stopping by Emma's Gourmet Popcorn is an absolute must. Founded by the owners' mother, Emma, the brand still represents the homey, locally-made company that was present from the very beginning. The quaint store features Amish homemade popcorn, a crepe station, coffee bar, and — according to reviews — out-of-this-world customer service. If you can't make it there, however, don't fret; all 50 flavors (yes, 50) are available on Emma's Gourmet Popcorn's website.

With such a wide range, one could never tire of sampling all of the unique flavors available. While all of the classics like butter, caramel, and sea salt are there, Emma's Gourmet Popcorn traverses into rarer waters, serving up "Cheesy Crab," "Keylime Pie," and "Honey Mustard & Onion" flavored popcorns. It even has a range of seasonal flavors that come out during select months, like "Lemon Burst" and "Cucumber Dill." The extensive list of flavors can certainly be a little overwhelming, but Emma's Gourmet Popcorn has made it easy — try out the Popcorn Sampler Box to get a taste of your new favorite popcorn.

Miss Hannah's Gourmet Popcorn

Located in Portland, Oregon, Miss Hannah's Gourmet Popcorn represents the eccentricity of the city well. The family owned and operated small business has a small but mighty selection of unique offerings with each flavor as delicious as the last. While it offers "Buttery Salt" and "Caramel Corn" popcorn for the non-adventurous types, you'd be remiss to skip over "Strawberry Balsamic," "Mango Tango Taco," "Smokin' Chipotle Cheddar," or "Creme de Menthe." Miss Hannah's seasonal selection is even more unique, selling "Lemon Poppyseed," Lavender," and "Island Onion" flavored popcorns during certain times throughout the year.

Despite the far-out flavors, there truly is a flavor for everyone at Miss Hannah's Gourmet Popcorn. Under each popcorn flavor comes a list of potential allergens like soy or dairy, as well as whether they align with gluten-free or vegan diets. Most of the sweeter popcorn flavors are also nut-free, allowing the brand to focus on more creative treats like churro or sea salt brûlée-flavored popcorn.

Popcorn Heaven

With 35 flavors, Popcorn Heaven has a little bit of something for everyone. Beyond the humble storefront and minimalist packaging lies popcorn that has created loyal customers for 10 years. The Charlotte, North Carolina-based shop and website carries a range of classic flavors, like sea salt and butter alongside selections that are a little more obscure. Want something that tastes a little meaty? "Bacon and Cheddar" is there to satisfy your needs. In the mood for a treat that's tangy with a little heat? "Spicy Dill Pickle" is the one for you. The company even has a selection of bright, fruity-flavored popcorn, like grape, green apple, and blueberry.

The wide-ranging popcorn brand has sustained demand for years, expanding into South Carolina, Illinois, and Los Angeles. Other than supplying mass-appealing flavors, Popcorn Heaven aims to create well-made popcorn. The non-GMO kernels are popped with coconut oil, one of the best types of oil to use for popcorn with a nutty, flavorful taste. The company also offers a pretty large range of sizes with party bags and tins you can dole out as gifts.


For all the sweet tooths out there who have never been the biggest popcorn fans, allow Popinsanity to change your mind. The Airmont, New York-based company has a selection of dessert-like gourmet popcorn, with flavors for every foodie like "Blueberry Scone," "Cinnamon Baked Apple," "Toasted Coconut," and "Peppermint Hot Chocolate." Aside from whipping up sweet batches of the treat, Popinsanity aims to craft quality popcorn for its customers. The kernels are made with non-GMO mushroom corn kernels, a popcorn shape known for its sturdy texture. All of Popinsanity's popcorn is certified kosher and it offers a wide offering of gluten-free popcorn.

Quality popcorn aside, Popinsanity's packaging is another hallmark of the brand. Its popcorn tins come in a brassy gold that makes the treat perfect for events and gift-giving. The brand also makes sets just for special occasions. It has gift bags with treats you can use as party favors or simply hand out to your favorite guests when they stop by.

GoPo Gourmet Popcorn

GoPo Gourmet Popcorn is a brand that takes farm-to-table fare seriously — its kernels are picked down the road from the shop, where they're air-popped and baked to perfection. The Fulton, Missouri-based company has its own storefront but often works with a boutique in Columbia, Missouri to get locals their fix of the famous popcorn. With flavors like "Cookies 'N Cream" and "Dark Chocolate Sea Salt," GoPo Gourmet Popcorn knew it had to offer the treat nationwide.

The locally-grown popcorn brand focuses on making classic flavors with the best ingredients possible: Irish butter, Oreos, savory coarse sea salt, and Logboat Snapper — a Missouri-based IPA — have all made their way into the popcorn. While the beer-glazed "Snapped Ched" popcorn is a customer favorite, GoPo's "Everything Tiger" is anchoring for the top spot. Aptly named after the University of Missouri Tigers, the savory popcorn features cheddar popcorn topped with everything bagel seasoning. Deciding on a singular favorite of GoPo's popcorn is a difficult feat, but the brand offers gift boxes and sample sets so you can share the treats with loved ones.