Add Nesquik To Your Espresso Martini For A Nostalgic Cocktail

Nesquik, in its iconic yellow container with everyone's favorite bunny featured prominently on the label, is a sweet flavor enhancer and a key ingredient that can make a martini perfect. Nesquik makes everything it touches taste chocolatey good. This powder's magic power to create smooth, thick chocolate milk makes us nostalgic for our youth. But don't get too sentimental because Nesquik holds a place in your collection of grown-up indulgences too. The next time you make an espresso martini cocktail, add a little of this mix and transform your ordinary coffee cocktail into one that is next level. 

Just a little of this sugary ingredient will turn your espresso martini into something that has more of a dessert vibe. To create this upgrade, use your standard vodka of choice, along with Kahula, and a shot of espresso in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Before you close it up, add your Nesquik. Shake everything together and strain. The end result is a chocolate-infused coffee cocktail that is delicious.

Keep the balance

The espresso martini was first crafted in 1983 by a London bartender. It was trendy for a hot second until it wasn't, but don't worry, it's on the cool cocktail list again and the addition of Nesquik makes it even cooler. The reason all of its ingredients work all comes down to one word: Balance. You need to keep an equilibrium between the sweet and the bitter. 

Tasting Table's espresso martini cocktail recipe uses all of the traditional ingredients to make this drink, but it also calls for simple syrup. If you add Nesquik to it, you may want to half the amount of simple syrup so you don't wind up an overly sweet drink. Of course, if you have a sweet tooth, full steam ahead and add anywhere from a teaspoon of Nesquik to a tablespoon. 

In addition to the chocolate powder, you can also add milk or cream to this martini to create more of a mudslide cocktail. This will give you a smooth, velvety chocolate taste. And if you like the way Nesquik tastes in your espresso martini, try adding some to your next White Russian for a truly decadent cocktail.