Transform Ice Cream Into A Delicious Pie Starting With 2 Ingredients

While there'll always be an animated debate over whether pie or cake reigns supreme, ice cream is the dessert that everyone can get behind. Ice cream flavors and brands abound, and their creamy, malleable consistencies can transform into liquid desserts like milkshakes or solid, multi-tiered ice cream cakes (like our s'mores ice cream cake recipe). Ice cream pies are yet another simple transformation that starts with just two ingredients: ice cream and pie crust.

The steps to make an ice cream pie are as straightforward as the ingredient list. You'll need to soften ice cream so that you can mash it down and spread it into your pie crust. You can start the pie by taking a tub of ice cream out to thaw for 10-15 minutes while you prepare a homemade crust. A homemade ice cream pie crust is another two or three-ingredient recipe you can execute in 10 minutes. That said, you can streamline ice cream pie with a store-bought crust if you're low on time.

If making the pie shell from scratch, ensure that the crust is completely cooled before adding softened ice cream, mashing it down, and spreading it with a rubber spatula or metal spoon to create a flat, even layer of filling. You can also add candy or cookies to the mash if desired. Then, place the ice cream pie into the freezer to harden for at least three hours.

Ice cream pie ideas and extra steps

You can take additional steps to build upon a basic two-ingredient pie. For example, you can use additional ingredients like candy, cookies, fruit, jam, sauces, or nuts to separate the pie filling into layers. Separate a half-gallon of ice cream into two equal parts, spreading the first part in the pie crust, then adding a layer of candy or cookies, followed by the top layer of ice cream. You can also use different flavored ice creams for each layer. Finish a hardened ice cream pie with toppings like whipped cream, mousse, or crunchy garnishes before serving.

With the countless ice cream flavors, ice cream desserts, and pie recipes out there, you have plenty of fodder for decadent ice cream pie creations. If you're a cookies and cream fan, fill an Oreo crust with cookies and cream ice cream, a layer of hot fudge or ganache, and top with whipped cream and whole Oreo cookies. Use a graham cracker crust for sweet cream ice cream with swirls of strawberry jam and fresh strawberries. For mint lovers, mint chocolate chip ice cream in a smashed thin-mint crust topped with junior mints and crushed candy cane would be heaven.

Layer peanut butter, fudge sauce, and banana ice cream into a pretzel crust and top with slices of banana and peanut M&M's. Or fill a gingersnap cookie crust with butter pecan ice cream and top with chopped toasted pecans and poached pears.