The Caffeine Content In Alani Energy Drinks And How It Compares To Celsius

Tasty and life-saving as they may be when you're nodding off at 3 p.m., energy drinks can be a bit mysterious. Some contain healthier ingredients like green tea and vitamin C, while others are packed full of sugar and artificial flavors. But perhaps the most important part — and the reason we're drinking these beverages in the first place — is their caffeine content. And unlike a cup of coffee, it can vary widely from brand to brand.

Thankfully, we've rounded up the amount of caffeine in 34 of the most popular energy drinks on the market to help you determine which one to go for. But for now, let's spotlight two brands that claim to use better-for-you ingredients: Alani and Celsius. Both companies offer cans with cute packaging, vitamin B, and zero grams of sugar. Most notably, the Alani Energy Drinks and classic Celsius sparkling beverages contain 200 mg of caffeine per 12 fl oz serving. So if you're only comparing these brands based on how wired they'll get you, you can swap one for the other.

Battle of the cute cans and fun flavors

We know that Alani and Celsius energy drinks have the same amount of caffeine — but how do these two beverages differ? While most of the latter's classic cans are sparkling, two are not (the raspberry acai green tea and peach mango green tea flavors). Still, you can choose from a whopping 22 fizzy varieties, including strawberry lemonade, kiwi guava, and Arctic vibe. In addition to vitamin B, Celsius cans feature green tea extract, caffeinated guarana seed extract, and chromium, which may help control blood sugar levels. You'll find trace amounts of sodium here (5 mg per serving), plus 70% of your daily vitamin C.

Alani's energy drinks, however, don't have any vitamin C, and they contain 180 mg of sodium per serving. You'll also find less biotin in these cans than in Celsius', but they still have 100% of your daily value. What Alani may lack in these areas, they make up for it with 15 exciting (carbonated) flavors. You can find everything from Cherry Twist (with cherries and lime), to the orange creamsicle-inspired Dream Float (which we ranked our favorite), to Blue (raspberry) Slush. But whichever brand you choose, keep in mind that the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) advises limiting your daily caffeine intake to 400 mg, so avoid drinking more than two of these energy drinks per day.