Pickles Are The Secret Ingredient For Thirst Quenching Lemonade This Summer

After a long, hot day running around in the summer sun, a cold glass of classic lemonade is the ultimate thirst-quenching beverage ... or is it? It's true that this chilled, sweet-and-sour drink is an ideal way to cool down when the temperatures climb, but there are plenty of ways to make it even more refreshing, like adding mint, watermelon, or seltzer. And if you're a die-hard pickle fan (or even if you're not), you'll want to try adding these briny veggies to your lemonade this summer.

Pickles and lemonade sound like they would clash at first, but stay with us here — the latter is sweet and sour from the sugar and lemons, but it's lacking in salty, briny flavors. Not only does salt bring its own taste but it can actually enhance the sweetness of your beverage, which makes it a beneficial addition to lemonade. Plus, pickles (and their juice) are chock-full of electrolytes, which are crucial for replenishing and rehydrating our bodies after sweating and exercising. So, not only are you whipping up a beverage that appeals to a multitude of your tastebuds but you'll actually reap the thirst-quenching benefits of these jarred veggies as well.

Turn basic lemonade into a pretty big dill

You can easily customize the flavors of your pickle lemonade by choosing the type of jar you like best. Dill pickles are a classic here and will balance out the lemonade's flavors best, but if you want to build on the drink's sweetness, feel free to try out bread and butter spears instead. And to add a little spice, go with a hot pickle variety. Then, to make the lemonade, the easiest option is to simply pour a little of the brine from the jar into your pitcher with all the other ingredients. Or you can also throw some spears or chips in there to marinate while you chill your lemonade. Either way, make sure you start off with just a little juice (about ¼ cup), then taste as you go and add more if you'd like.

If you want your guests to know right off the bat that your lemonade is pickle-infused (which is advisable), feel free to garnish your pitcher with little slices of both produce items. If this beverage isn't fancy enough for you, there are a few tasty ways you can upgrade it even more. Throw in some Sprite or seltzer water to mimic Disneyland's Sparkling Pickle Lemonade, pour this mixture into popsicles, sprinkle some dill into your pitcher, or even swap out the lemon for lime to make a salty, thirst-quenching limeade.