Can You Brew Tea With A Nespresso Machine?

Nespresso is known for crafting some of the finest coffee around, but have you ever wondered if it can also whip up a cup of tea? That would be so convenient for a casual tea sipper; plus, imagine the money and counter space you could save by not adding yet another appliance. After all, the brewing process is pretty similar: Both need a good steep in hot water to unlock their flavors and nutrients.

Turns out, you're not alone in your pondering: There are clever souls out there who've thought the same thing. They've come up with Nespresso-compatible tea pods and capsules, which you can easily find online or at Walmart for both the original Nespresso machines and the Verturo models. Whether they're hesitant about the idea or are holding out for a groundbreaking tea-making machine, we can't say for sure. But last we checked, Nespresso, the pioneer of coffee capsules, was offering no tea pods for sale. That said, they do have a small collection of tea bags, and you can use your Nespresso to make the tea, just not in the same way you would with capsules.

How to brew tea with a Nespresso machine

Whether it's tea bags or capsules, the first step is to wash away any lingering coffee taste or aroma from your Nespresso machine. That is, unless you enjoy a hint of coffee in your tea, or you've been dedicating your Nespresso machine solely to tea-making (which would be unconventional, but we digress). Anyway, the pro tip is to use the Lungo function for this step. This function allows more water through at a time (110 ml), which helps clear out those coffee remnants. Just don't put any capsules in, and let the water run through the machine and into a mug. Discard the water and repeat this process until the water runs clear.

Then, with a tea capsule, it's a breeze. Pop the capsule in, select the appropriate function according to the manufacturer's instructions, and let the machine work its magic, just like you would with your coffee pods. If you're using a tea bag, place it in your cup and pour hot water over it. Again, the Lungo function will be handy in this case. Froth your milk as usual and add it to your tea along with any other tea ingredients your heart desires.

Now, fair warning: The tea quality made using these methods may not always snuff up to the tea connoisseurs among us. But for those just looking to switch up their caffeine game every now and then, these Nespresso tea tricks might just be the ticket!