Nespresso Debuts Limited-Time Flavor In New Mediterranean Summer Collection

Nespresso is leaning into the nostalgia of a sun-kissed Mediterranean seaside with its upcoming Unforgettable Mediterranean Summer Collection. The brand has teamed up with the color design company Pantone to get the visuals just right and the duo has absolutely nailed the carefree vibes and casual luxury aesthetic they were going for. Pantone has been busy in the food world lately, as the company was recently involved in Crumbl's debut of Cinnamon Squares, the chain's first non-cookie baked treat

Even though the Nespresso project is only running for a limited time, there's a lot for fans to enjoy including refreshing new iced coffee drinks, new Nespresso accessories, as well as Vertuo Pop and Essenza Mini machines in a bright and fun, limited-edition Mandarin Orange color in collaboration with Pantone. 

For people who prefer to drink their sunshine rather than look at it, Nespresso is debuting its Sunny Almond Vanilla coffee flavor, which is meant to be served iced, and we are eager to see how it stacks up in our ranking of the different Nespresso coffee pod flavors. The pod even uses the color palette of the Mediterranean Summer Collection with an alternating mix of Pantone's Habanero Gold and Tofu, which gives the impression of an old-fashioned life preserver. Sunny Almond Vanilla is made with 100% light-roasted Arabica coffee beans and will go great with a splash of cold milk. Expect the touch of sweetness from the vanilla and the unique taste of almonds to transport you to a simpler time. The Unforgettable Mediterranean Summer Collection is available now both online and at Nespresso boutique stores.

Nespresso is releasing new colorful espresso machines

The new coffee flavor has us buzzing, but the star of the show is arguably the new color designs for the Vertuo Pop, Vertuo Pop Plus, and Essenza Mini espresso machines. According to a Tasting Table ranking, Nespresso makes some of the best home espresso machines currently available, but black and silver aren't exactly eye-popping. These limited edition machines use Pantone's bright and cheerful Mandarin Orange to invoke the golden days of a sea-soaked beach house on a 1970s Italian citrus farm. 

If you've been thinking about getting a Nespresso machine but haven't yet done it, this collection is about as visually appealing as they're going to get. And if you already have a machine and aren't looking to swap it out for the new color scheme, there are also plenty of coffee accessories included in the new collection that are worth a look. The Pantone mugs are gorgeous, but Nespresso will also be offering new to-go cups, a Mandarin Orange milk frother, ice trays, and other accessories that are ready to turn this summer season into a glamorous getaway every day.

Other Pantone colors included in the collection are Muskmelon (pale orange), Aquarelle (light teal), and Blue Iolite (dark blue), which flesh out the beachy Meditteranean scene perfectly. From the press release, it looks like the accessories will have a wider variety of colors to choose from whereas the machines are only using Mandarin Orange, which is definitely the star of the show.