Crumbl Debuts Cinnamon Squares, Its First Non-Cookie Baked Treat, In Stores This Week

Crumbl has made its name on the back of a massive rotating menu, and that long list of cookies is about to get its most unique item ever this week. It's hard to tell just how many different types of Crumbl cookies there are, as items sometimes make comebacks while others disappear forever, but it's easily over 270 at this point. The only commonality in all these offerings, from banana bread to birthday cake, is that they are all, well, cookies. 

But moving into the week of January 22, 2024, Crumbl has unveiled its new lineup of flavors, and it includes the first non-cookie product the store has ever offered: Cinnamon Squares. Hardcore Crumbl fans on Instagram first noticed Cinnamon Squares being tested in a few markets last fall, and now they are available nationwide. According to a press release from Crumbl, the Cinnamon Squares have a fluffy cake base, are mixed with brown sugar cinnamon butter, and are topped with a vanilla-flavored cream cheese frosting. 

They can be purchased on their own or added to boxes, just like any Crumbl cookie, but they do appear to be priced at a 49-cent premium above the other weekly offerings. The company describes them as "mouthwatering" and "perfect for sharing," but you may need to hop on their app and order one quickly, as the social-media-focused brand frequently sells out of its viral, limited edition creations.

Crumbl's Cinnamon Squares mark an evolution for the brand

The new Crumbl Cinnamon Squares seem to mark a new beginning for the Utah bakery's business model, with the company stating in the press release: "This marks the first foray into other baked goods for the popular dessert chain, signaling a bold step towards diversifying its gourmet offerings beyond cookies." This move could have potentially been gleaned from Crumbl's "brand refresh" last month, when it changed the company logo to a simplified design and introduced a new custom Pantone Crumbl Pink color scheme. 

Most suspiciously, the company dropped the word "cookies" from its official name, in what now looks like a clear hint of its ambitions beyond its single signature baked good. Crumbl downplayed the change at the time, insisting that it was only enhancing the brand, but it seems clear now that they have big plans for the future. It's no surprise that the company doesn't want to rest on its laurels. It has rapidly expanded to 950 locations in just six years, driven by a commitment to flavor variation and innovation that keeps drawing customers back into the store. 

Crumbl has since signaled that it may slow down its growth to focus on its next phase of development. Expanding to new types of baked goods, especially ones associated with breakfast like cinnamon rolls, seems like a logical and promising way to squeeze more business out of its existing locations. Nothing has been announced beyond the Cinnamon Squares, but we should expect more surprises in Crumbl's weekly flavor reveals from here on out.