The Bold Alternative For Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Enthusiasts

Lovers of jammy glasses of Cabernet Sauvignon may appreciate a different kind of pour to diversify their drinking palates during summer cookouts. Carménère can be the easy answer for those who choose full-bodied red wines with notes of fruit and spice. With most bottles hailing from Chile, Carménère is akin to a Merlot in its mouthfeel and body while still delivering hints of berries and the peppery accents that Cab Sauv connoisseurs seek out to sample. 

Though Chile has laid claim to Carménère, other countries have planted the grape variety to make wine. Carménère grapes were originally grown in France's Bordeaux region, but halfway through the 19th century insects killed all the Carménère grapevines in Europe and they were considered extinct until plants were rediscovered in Chile. These surviving grapevines also share genetic composition with Cabernet Gernischt, a Chinese red grape, and the grapes can also be called Grande Vidure. With its popularity spreading, the grape can be found beyond Chile, in Italy, France, the U.S., and Australia.

Carménère is a unique sipper to serve

Unlike the darker fruit notes found in bottles of Merlots and Cabernet Sauvignons, glasses of Carménère can offer tastes of lighter red fruits like raspberries and cherries, making the wine ideal to serve during summer nights alongside grilled dishes. Without the same amount of tannins that a Cab or Merlot carries, Carménère won't overpower your carefully cultivated menus of grilled mushrooms and marinated meats. Even a simple bowl of spaghetti topped with perfectly made marinara sauce can sing when served with a glass of this delightful easy-drinking red.

Different bottles of Carménère may offer subtle layers of chocolate, coffee, tobacco, and herbs. Since this label isn't a common choice of hosts, it can provide intrigue and be the comforting yet interesting taste your backyard party needs. Carménère can share familiar tasting notes of other classic reds, particularly Cabinet Sauvignon and Merlot, and the drinkable glasses make a unique change for your guests.